Saturday, 22 March 2014


Redux: Brought back — Latin, returning, from reducere to lead back
First Known Use: 1860

Dear constant readers, thank you firstly for inquirers through Cassidy (at Cassidy’s Quest) as to my well-being and secondly for venturing back to this virtual den of iniquity.

Why did I leave?

I made my old blog private over security concerns. I am looking for a career position and I did not want potential employers learning I (was?) am transsexual.

Blogger was linking my site to my e-mail, which made an Internet search of me far too easy. I believe I have resolved that problem and have migrated all my old posts over to the new My Road site.

Why did I change the blogs name?

My Road to Womanhood, was a great descriptive title but I feel that I have successfully arrived at that destination. The story from here on out is simply My Road….

How have I been?

Now that is a much more difficult question to answer. Better than expected I guess. Divorce, moving out of my home and away from daily contact with my children was and is extremely painful.

I am so thankful to my friend Julie for providing a place to stay, for friendship and daily interaction that has kept me sane. To my sister Cassidy too, who is always there at the other end of the phone and who keeps tabs on me through numerous daily texts.

My corner of Ontario like most of North America has been suffering through a terrible winter.  For a fan of summer this season has dragged on and on making a cheerful disposition even harder to maintain.

As an aside Cassisy and I (Julie too) are planning a meet up this summer.  Lets all pray the space time continuum can handle such a monumental event without ripping apart the very fabric of existence itself.

What am I up to?

Continuing to work retail part time and write freelance part time. 

I see my girls three to four times a week, often picking them up from school and making them dinner.

Post SRS recovery seems to be going well, dilating only twice a day is less of a chore but still time consuming.

Time always seems in short supply, especially when it comes to the job search. Hence the delay in getting this blog back on track.

The back and forth to work and my old home makes for a lot of driving. Despite running a relatively fuel efficient late model Caddy 30 mpg (1985….that's a new car in my books) fuel costs eat up a lot of income.

The Seville has been a great car but as I expected from the start the 4.1 litre engine will eventually fail. Beautifully efficient but they suffer from two fatal Achilles heels, internal coolant leaks and weak lower main bearings. Mine continues to run strong but I do hear what I take to be a thump from the front main bearing when warm.

Worried I will have to switch to my  much less frugal 1976 Lincoln or the 1976 Buick Electra….or sell them to get something…..shudder….modern.

I did take a used Fiat Abarth out for a test drive but I cannot justify the price plus the Hemi Challengers on the lot were calling to me.

As you can perhaps tell, I am still obsessed with cars.

I am looking forward to sharing the road forward with all of you.



The Cramps, You'll Never Change Me

even cooler version here damn Lux and the band look hot, the coolest band ever!